Reflection Letter/Poem

There once was a class of SoPo
Who wrote everywhere they would go,
Down to the bar,
Cafe, beach and tar,
To type up a poem or toe.

And drafts flew here and there
For many eyes to compare,
Then share the critique
What’s strong and what’s weak,
Each comment posed with great care.

My team tethered to gut honesty,
Where you going? What do you want this to be?
Kindness abounds
Words and sweet sounds
To improve a piece substantially.

The leaders stood tall and united
Sharing goals, techniques requited,
From Blogger’s beat,
Scheduling treats
Informative and kind hearted.

Begin with your autobiography,
To stretch your thinking ‘bout learning ‘bout “Me”.
Mountains, deserts, dance,
Lakes, threads and romance,
Lives woven together fastidiously.

Experts arrived all around
Sharing their wisdom unbound
Poems, revision,
Platforms and motion
Stuffing our boxes, spellbound.

And chat, chat this way and that,
Over a lunch crumb sequined mat,
Bedazzle me now,
Your story, your wow,
My mind stretched like an acrobat.

A trap door was opened for me,
From darkness to sun rays for free,
The words they did glide,
Life’s stories applied,
To my button boy short story.

And now when I enter a market,
Characters emerge through kismet,
His shoulder askew,
Her gait, dress and shoe,
Revolve round my brain as a template.

I began in anticipation,
Tuned into each situation,
Stories, hearts, wisdom
New friends who’re awesome
I bubble with appreciation.

So cheers to creators at SoPo,
With fantabulous writing mojo,
Our time was unique,
A magic, bold streak,
So off to bright writing we go.

1 comment:

  1. Shane, love this and love you. You are such a wonderful soul. I am thankful we were in the same writer's group.